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Vedanta Will Limit Its Alumina Imports To 500,000 Tons By FY 2021
- Dec 21, 2018 -

The goal of Vedanta Ltd. is to limit its alumina imports to 500,000 tons per year by fiscal year 2021. According to the record, the company imported more than 2 million tons of alumina to power the smelters of Jharsuguda and Korba because they did not have enough bauxite resources. The company confirmed that it will increase the capacity of Lanjigarh to 6 million tons per year. The expansion of the smelter is expected to reduce Vedanta's dependence on imported alumina, thus reducing the cost of aluminum production to meet the smelter's enhanced bauxite demand. An executive at Vedanta Co., Ltd. said that imports in the middle of 2020 are expected to gradually decrease to 500,000 tons. He also said that a significant reduction in alumina imports would make Vedanta's aluminum cost competitive. At present, Vedanta's aluminum smelting costs are around US$2,000 per ton, which is consistent with the production costs of its counterparts, Nalco and Hindalco Industries. Due to a focus on structural cost reductions, Vedanta's goal is to reduce its aluminum manufacturing costs from $2,018/tonne to $1,500/tonne in the second quarter of each fiscal year.