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US $200 Billion China Commodity List To Be Taxed
- Jul 12, 2018 -

1. According to foreign media reports, the Trump administration has published a list of 10% tariffs on China’s $200 billion goods, a list of proposed goods. Consumer products such as clothing, TV parts and refrigerators, and other high-tech products, but not including mobile phones and other high-profile products, have commemorated Trump's recent threats. Tariffs will not take effect immediately, but will go through a two-month review process and will be held from August 20th to August 23rd. In addition, the United States is considering issuing a tariff on another $16 billion worth of Chinese goods after a public hearing later this month. China has vowed to take revenge on the same scale for US tariff actions.


2. Switzerland stated that it has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) on US steel-aluminum tariffs, and that the country is the eighth WTO member to initiate such challenges. "Switzerland believes that the tariffs imposed by the United States to protect national security are not justified," the Swiss Ministry of Economic Affairs said in a statement. According to WTO regulations, the United States can settle this complaint within 60 days. After the deadline, Switzerland can escalate the complaint and ask the WTO to set up a committee to decide.