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Novelis: North American Automotive Industry's Aluminum Usage Soars
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Novelis executives said on Monday that by 2028, North American passenger cars will have an aluminum content of 565 pounds per car, a 42% increase from 2015. In contrast, in 1975, the amount of aluminum used in automobiles was only 84 pounds per car.

Automakers are paying more and more attention to aluminum, and the use of aluminum in automobiles can effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle and increase the efficiency. Especially with the advent of the era of electric reform in the automotive industry, the demand for slimming of the car body is even more urgent.

Novelis has been working with automotive manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers to develop sheet products and components to efficiently achieve weight reduction.

In addition to initiatives aimed at increasing the amount of aluminum used in automobiles, companies such as Novelis are also focused on increasing the amount of recycled high-value automotive waste and increasing the proportion of recycled components in automotive production.