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How to identify the quality of color coated aluminum coil?
- Dec 28, 2018 -

The color coated aluminum coil is a kind of aluminum coil and has excellent decoration. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, long-lasting, light weight, high strength, strong temperature, good fire resistance, strong acid resistance, good sound insulation, easy maintenance, easy cleaning, etc., and its low cost and good decorative effect. The very popular new interior and exterior wall decoration materials, together with stone and glass curtain wall, are also called one of the three curtain wall materials. It has attracted the attention and love of people in the construction industry. In addition to paying attention to its performance at the time of purchase, we must also carefully check its appearance.

The quality of the color coated aluminum coil board, its surface can not have obvious indentation, leakage coating, damage through the coating, and corrugations, scratches, bubbling are not allowed. These are easy to see, the most important thing is that you have to look carefully at the color difference of the painted aluminum coil. If you don't pay attention, this is not easy to see, but it will affect the final decorative effect when applied. 

At present, the curtain wall aluminum plate will also be surface treated with electrostatic spraying. The powder spraying materials are mainly made of polyurethane, bulging resin, epoxy resin and other raw materials with high color retention pigments, and can be obtained with dozens of different colors of spray powder. The effect is also very good.